Large scale composting services are mainly required in businesses where large quantities of organic waste are produced. These include large restaurants, hotels, hospitals, prisons, factories, food processing facilities, schools and colleges, markets, military bases among others. These are the entities that need to install large scale composting equipment.

Large scale composting equipment can easily convert your organic waste into manure at a relatively rapid speed. There are various types of large scale composting equipment. If you invest in the right type, then you can afford yourself an opportunity to convert large piles of organic waste into money. The most common types of organic waste composted include livestock manures, sludge, and various types of food waste such as vegetables, fruits and fruit peelings.

The traditional composting technology associated with Earth Care Equipment Pvt. Ltd has been re-engineered for use in large scale composting in such a way that it is eco-friendly. This technology is popularly referred to as Re-engineered Traditional Composting Technology (RTCT). With this shift in technology, it is now possible to compost between 5MT and 25MT of solid waste every single day.

This system has been found to be more energy-efficient and it does not need agitation, bio-filtration or external heating. Component movement is minimal and its maintenance and operating costs are relatively low.

There are different types of large scale composting equipment in the market. They are bound to have different features and specifications.

The RTCT from Earth Care Equipment Pvt. Ltd has the following features:

It has a small foot print.

Its space requirement is small.

It is a complete solution for segregation, shredding and composting.

Its operating costs are low.

It uses a micro-organisms based technology.

It is fitted with an Air/Bio filtration system.

In case of any leachates, they are treated inside the room before they are let out.

In case of any leachates, they are treated inside the room before they are let out.

Other types of large scale composting equipment available in the market can be sampled as follows:

Large scale groove type compost turner:

This equipment is also called rail type compost turner. It has two rails on the two sides of the groove that enable the compost turner to move. It can be customized into a double groove type and a half groove type, depending on customers’ needs. The performance features of this type of equipment include:

It adopts hydraulic control system in turning the organic materials up and down in order to mix it evenly with microbial agents. It ensures that the whole organic material is aerated, thus hastening the speed of decomposition.

It has a sturdy and durable exterior body. The entire turner machine operates smoothly, and its working efficiency is high. The composting and conversion of organic waste is thoroughly done.

It is controlled centrally by a control cabinet. It is therefore possible to operate the machine manually or automatically.

It fully utilizes the underground space. It is innovated with deep pools, and its unique technology ensures long distance turning and efficient use of limited ground space for safe treatment of organic waste.

Its compost turner is designed to be compact, and to use advanced technology a special pool-type innovation.

Commercial wheel type compost turner:

This equipment is meant for high turning depth of up to 3m. It can attain a composting output of 20 tons per day. It is designed with an energy efficient transmission system which can save up to 70% energy compared to traditional composting equipment. Additionally, its turning speed is in symmetry, and it is under the displacement of a governor shift trolley.

Its electrical control system is fully automated, so that when the turner is working, there is no need for an operator. It also has a quick composting process. The performance features of this type of equipment include:

Its hydraulic lifting system can automatically move the turning wheel up and down. This ensures that the machine moves without any interruption.

It has a centralized control cabinet that facilitates both manual and automatic control.

The trolley that regulates speed can shift left and right. This facilitates big span composting with reduced consumption of energy.

It has a compact structure and advanced technology that enhances the ease and efficiency of compost making.

Its wheel teeth are sturdy and durable, thus the smashing and mixing of organic materials is much improved.

Large scale chain plate type compost turner:

This equipment is intended for aerobic conversion of solid organic waste like livestock and poultry manure, sludge and garbage, straw among others. It adopts a frequency conversion speed regulation system which is adapted to different materials, uninterrupted operation, high turnover, and good product quality.

Its variable frequency speed control system can be adapted to changing workload. The production capacity of this equipment can be expanded and its value can be improved by adding a fermentation groove. The performance features of this type of equipment include:

Its design is unique. It adopts a bracket structure with a chain drive and a rolling support with a small turning resistance which saves electricity. It is intended for deep grove operation.

Its flexible tension and elastic shock absorber is equipped with flip-flop bracket that protects its transmission system and working parts.

It has a removable, wear-resistant, curved tooth blade on its turning pallet. The blade has a strong crushing ability and good stack oxygen filling effect.

At the time it is flipping, the organic waste stays on the tray for long, and then it disperses at a high level. It also contacts with the air sufficiently and it precipitates easily.

Due to horizontal and vertical displacement, one can realize the turnover operation at any position in its tank.

Its lifting and working parts are under the control of a hydraulic system. The parts are flexible and safe.

Its advance, lateral movements and operation can be done by remote control.

It is possible to make a special selection of through-type material distributor, automatic discharging device, solar fermentation chamber, and ventilation and aeration system.

It is equipped with transfer machine that can change groove. It can also realize multi-slot operation of a turn over equipment and save investment.


Use of large scale composting equipment is generally advantageous in ways such as:

Large scale composting equipment have a higher production capacity. This creates economies of scale.

The level of work efficiency in large composting systems is high.

It is relatively easy to operate large scale composting machines because most of them have centralized control cabinets that facilitate both manual and automatic operations.

Composting on a larger scale helps to reduce the quantity of organic waste that has to be transported to disposal sites. Ultimately, this reduces the cost of managing solid waste.

With relevant training, a large scale composting system is relatively straight forward to install and maintain.

Compost is produced in large quantities. This is a reliable supply of a valuable resource for the improvement of local agricultural production.

The compost produced from large scale composting systems will encourage the practice of organic farming and gardening. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.


Different large scale composting equipment vary in their specifications. There are Earth machine composters, wet garbage composter, chicken waste disposal equipment, and food waste composters.

The food waste processing equipment are associated with the following specifications:

The equipment is installed with hydraulic automatic control lifting mechanism. It is also flexible, reliable and safe.

Its working parts are wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, and removable. It can also crush and stir organic materials.

It combines both on-site centralized control and remote control to make more convenient operation.

It can turn both forward and reverse directions, and its work efficiency is high.

It can realize both continuous and whole tank fermentation.

Its processing capacity ranges between 400 to 800 cubic meters per hour.

Its stacking width is between 2.0 and 4.0m, and stacking height of 1.0 and 2.0m.

It requires power support of 22 to 45KW.

With large scale composting equipment, people do not need to worry about large quantities of organic waste that may pile up in their vicinities. They can quickly be converted into compost that becomes a source of income. Since there are different kinds of rapid waste composting equipment in the market, their respective features and specifications vary. However, the advantages of these equipment are generally the same.

The variation in the features and specifications has also come as a result of efforts to customize the machines to suit the changing needs of customers. Earth Care Equipment Pvt. Ltd is one of the veterans in the market. Its RTCT is among the most competitive products in the market. Otherwise, you will find other products from such suppliers as Henan Tongda Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer and Oklin.